Develop Impactful InsightsOptimize campaigns with confidence

Visualize the performance and trends of your campaigns on a granular level to ensure both quantitative and qualitative optimizations are being executed. Achieve optimal campaign performance with a complete understanding of the Amazon landscape.

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A Data-Driven Performance Marketing PlatformVisually monitor your Amazon Advertising campaign performance.

Brands and Agencies

Built for any user at any level for the metrics that promote brand growth.

Secure Data Visualization

View accurate campaign data over time to help measure the incremental impact of Amazon Advertising.


Campaigns built and executed to date.

Rule-Triggered Automation

Set goals and baselines on a campaign or campaign group level to ensure performance is always up to par with expectations.

Real Time Reporting

Campaign status is pulled hourly, so users will know exactly when budgets have been reached or products are out of stock.

2-Way Feedback

Custom feedback is always welcomed, as we are looking to include desirable data points. If it’s available, we can incorporate it.

Automate with ScalabilityInvest more where it makes the most sense

Control your automated performance on various levels to ensure your budget is being spent with intent. Always stay informed on the value behind each click or impression.

Ready to Learn More?Complimentary 60-day look back of your campaign performance.

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